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Undergraduate Technology And Academic Support Program

Activity Director - Dr. Cynthia Clem
Program Coordinator - Ms. Janth English

Activity Narrative:

UTASP addresses the University's Strategic Goal #3: Achieve academic excellence and expand learner experiences based on best practices in instruction, involvement in inquiry, and the use of practical environments.

UTASP proposes to expand its pilot program to include 5 additional faculty members who teach Information Technology and Computer Applications (CCIS 100) and First-Year Seminar I and II (CGED 100 & 101) courses; these courses will be changed to interactive, technology infused classes. The technologies to be used include Web-CT, multi-media presentations, web-based student response systems, podcasts, vodcasts, and online interactive research. Students will be required to utilize their laptops or other web-enabled devices in class to complete assignments and do research. The anticipated result is that 80% of faculty members participating in the program will adapt their teaching style to use technology to enrich all their classes. A survey will be used at the end of the academic school year to measure the results.

UTASP plans to create a technology support services unit for first-year students during the 2011 & 2012 program year. The academic support services unit (The Unit) will use technology to provide academic support services including research assistance, online tutoring sites, social networking to facilitate peer-peer collaboration, guidance for major projects, and use of software and technology tools. The Unit will have a virtual and a physical space for students to get the support they need. The physical space will be equipped with computers that have the latest educational software, such as WriteCheck, and technology such as flip-videos. All first-year students would qualify to use the service by registering on the website. It is anticipated that those students who are frequent (10 or more times in a semester) users of The Unit's services will have a GPA that is .25 points above the average GPA for all first year students.