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Programs Administration

Program Administration
Thayer Hall, Room 134
Phone: 404.880.8106     Fax: 404.880.6058


Activity Director:  Mr. Perry Herrington
Activity Assistant:  Ms. Latonya Burkhalter

The purpose of the Title III Program Administration Office is to serve as a resource and conduit to Clark Atlanta University and as a liaison to the United States Department of Education’s department of Institutional Services (IS). The Title III Administration Office’s mission is to assist the University President in securing Title III grant funds that support the strategic plan and encompasses strengthening a variety of targeted initiatives. This mission is accomplished by providing the required oversight and direction in compliance with the federal guidelines to deliver positive impact through the development and implementation of strategic program activities.    This office supports the following University’s Strategic Plan:
  • Strategic Priority #3:  Build Institutional Capacity  

Title III Program Administration Office will receive funding all five years.  The main goals of the office are:

  1. To encourage and maintain a cohesive relationship between the U.S. Department of Education and Clark Atlanta University;
  2. To coordinate grant programs consistent with the approved Plan of Operation by providing information and technical assistance;
  3. To strengthen institutional knowledge of Title III Program activities by expanding communications extensively about Title III activity milestones university-wide;
  4. To evaluate program activities and coordinate the direction of the activities with key administrators of the University to ensure successful coordination with the existing institutional strategic plan; and
  5. To provide support that results in an increase in enrollment, persistence rates, graduation percentage, and an improvement in the efficiency of institutional service delivery to students.  

Interventions will be implemented via specific program activities to improve established baseline data.  Progress will be benchmarked and tracked throughout the five-year funding period in order to document the impact of Title III funds upon the University’s Comprehensive plan.  Particular emphasis will be placed upon Academic Quality, Institutional Management, Fiscal Stability and Student Services and Outcomes.  The University’s change in strategy will enable it to show a greater impact of funds in a more narrowly tailored program.