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134-139 Thayer Hall
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GTASP (Graduate Technology and Academic Support Program)

Activity Director - Dr. Bettye Clark
Program Coordinator - Ms. Tia Fernander
(404) 880-8665
(404) 880-8535 (fax)

Activity Narrative:

A review of institutional student outcomes data has revealed persistent problems that seriously impede strengthening institutional sustainable. To address these problems, CAU has developed a graduate comprehensive activity plan based on the following five goals:

  1. Provide a cohesive and effective living/learning experience that enhances academic achievement and promotes a higher degree of student learning and success.
  2.  Document use of assessment in improving graduate student learning and support for the environment that encourages student learning and technology.
  3. Increase the retention of graduate degree-seeking students into their preceding graduate years.
  4. Collaborate with the Center of Excellence for Faculty Development and the Office of Information and Technology Center to provide faculty training to increase the use of technology in the classroom.
  5. Create a Graduate Student Lab and Resource Center to develop a communication conduit for all graduate school students.

The Graduate Resource Center (GRC) and Laptop Loan Program (LLP) are instrumental to the success of this initiative. The GRC is designed to provide academic and technical assistance for the facilitation of successful writing of theses, dissertations and other research papers; a goal that will be facilitated through the integration of technology. It will serve as a centralized location providing programs and services specifically tailored to the needs of graduate students. The GRC will help connect the Graduate School Dean and graduate school staff with graduate students throughout their matriculation at CAU, and it will also serve as a referral center in an effort to connect students to the campus community and other CAU resources.

The Laptop Loan Program is designed to enhance our students' educational experience and increase access to technology both in and outside of the classroom. Graduate students will be assigned a laptop to use throughout their matriculation at Clark Atlanta University. This will enable our students to personalize and further their graduate experiences beyond a traditional computer lab. It will meet their technological needs, and facilitate greater student/faculty communication and collaboration that will enhance teaching and learning. Each graduate student is allowed to participate in the laptop loan program for the duration of their matriculation (Masters Students 2-5 years; Doctorate Students 4-10 years). Upon completion of their degree (or transfer to another institution) each student is required to return their laptop. All returned laptops are reused/redistributed.


  1. To increase the overall academic performance (Average Cumulative GPA) of returning Graduate Students who frequent the Graduate Resource Center (at least 2 times a week) by 2% (by September 30th 2011). Baseline Data: Annual Year-2009/2010 Overall Academic Performance (Average Cumulative GPA) of Graduate Students.
  2. To increase Graduate Students (Masters and Doctoral) retention rate by 3% (by September 30th 2011). Baseline Data: A/Y-2008/2009 and 2009/2010 Enrollment Data to determine Retention Rate.