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Academically Enhancing Graduate Studies

Graduate Students Academic and Professional Development
(Enhancing Graduate Studies)
TWC, Science Research Center, 3rd Floor
Office: 404.880.8736     Fax: 404.880.8535

Activity Director: 
Dr. Bettye Clark
Activity Assistant:  Ms. Veda Jackson

The purpose of this activity is to improve Graduate Student Support Services to Increase Retention and Completion, leading to student success and college completion.  The Board of Trustees and the President have made graduate education a strategic priority for the University.  Thus the Title III support will help us in achieving this strategic priority.  Increasing the number of Ph.D. graduates each year helps to position the University to retain and improve its Carnegie rating.  This activity supports the follow Strategic Plan(s):

  • Strategic Priority #1: Build and execute Institutional Accountability for Enrollment Management
  • Strategic Priority #3: Align Learning, Knowledge, Discovery and Performance.

The Graduate Resource Center provides a needed support service to all graduate students.  These services include personal, professional and academic development workshops, writing support, technology support, general academic support, and other graduate student related activities. 

We will seek to accomplish the following objectives: Increase by 5% the retention rate for STEM graduate students effective September 30, 2017; Increase the number of STEM graduates by 5% effective September 30, 2017; beginning in 2012, we will develop a tracking system to follow-up on Ph.D. STEM graduates; Develop a comprehensive marketing plan by December 2012 to enhance the awareness of graduate programs; Offer training workshops for Teaching Assistant and Research Assistants

Continuing and expanding upon the services currently provided this activity; expand upon the graduate student retention plan to include career building, resume preparation, research publication, and additional technology training seminars workshops; attendance at professional conferences in line with the curriculum. Training workshops for Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant will also be offered.