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Compliance Office
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Why is CAU implementing a compliance program?
CAU's Board of Trustees recognized the risk potential in managing its financial, operational, and reputation-related risk, and identified the need for a stronger system of checks and balances, where every employee is held accountable for his or her job responsibilities and actions. As such, the compliance program CAU is implementing is broader in scope and more comprehensive than the program required by the compliance agreement CAU entered into with the Department of Energy.

Do other colleges and universities have similar programs?
More and more universities are realizing the positive impact a compliance program can have on their schools. Institutions are creating these programs to ensure that their employees are properly handling and protecting their financial resources, operations, strategies, and reputation.

How will this affect me?
The success of the compliance program requires involvement by all faculty and staff at CAU. Throughout the year, employees will be asked to participate in training, quality assurance reviews and other activities designed to improve the university's business processes and legal compliance. All employees will also be asked to certify that they are in compliance with the university's policies and procedures.

Is this going to create more work for me?
No. The compliance program helps outline what is expected of a CAU employee, and serves as a guideline for ways to effectively and successfully work at the university.

What happens if someone is not in compliance?
Quality Assurance Reviews will be conducted in departments to determine whether or not they are in compliance. If departments are not in compliance, staff members from the Compliance Office will assist in developing a corrective action plan and pull together resources to help the departments become compliant.

How can I make sure that I am in compliance?
You can start by making sure that you understand all university and department policies and procedures. The Compliance Office will ensure that all faculty and staff will be given the appropriate training. You can seek guidance from the Office of Compliance, if necessary.

To whom does this program apply?
It applies to every member of the CAU community.

How is a compliance program going to help me or CAU?
CAU's compliance initiative establishes effective internal controls to help safeguard the university's resources. For example, if an employee applies for a research grant, receives it, then properly uses the funding and adheres to the university's policies and procedures, there is a better chance that the employee, the department and the university will be able to receive further grants. Such efficient controls can also help protect employees who uphold the university's standards.