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 Center of Excellence in Mass Media Arts

Rationale for Center

Five principal factors constitute the rationale for establishing the Center: (1) the unparalleled importance of communication and technology in today's world, (2) significant increases in enrollments in the Mass Media Arts programs since 1989, (3) infrastructure improvements in laboratories and equipment, (4) the existence of the Clark Atlanta University's Jazz 91.9 FM WCLK, CAU-TV, and WSTU-Radio stations, and (5) experienced professionals who serve as faculty members within the department and the radio and television stations. Moreover, the Center presents CAU with an extraordinary opportunity to impact positively our external environment.


The goals of the Center of Excellence in Mass Media Arts are to: (1) produce communication leaders and researchers capable of processing, analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating information; (2) produce communication leaders who are able to impact communication policies that especially affect underserved populations; and (3) increase significantly the number of African Americans in key managerial and decision-making positions in the communication fields. The Center will possess three distinct features: (1) unique cutting-edge curricula, (2) hands-on experiences for students, and (3) well-established collaborative ventures with organizations within the communications industry.