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Career Planning and Placement Center

Career Planning and Placement Center (CPPC)
Modular 13
Telephone: (404) 880-6701 or 6791


The Career Planning and Placement Center (CPPC) cares about you and wants to assist you in making the right choices concerning your career development. We invite you to capitalize on the opportunities available through the CPPC and to expand and explore your career path through the activities we sponsor. The philosophy driving the programs maintains that both realistic career planning and workforce readiness are essential elements in each student's achievements. Therefore, the overall primary goals of the CPPC are:

  • To provide an extensive career development program that assists students with the selection of an appropriate and achievable major/career;

  • To teach students job-seeking skills that will position them for competitive interviewing, placement and success in the workforce;

  • To create relationships with employers that will increase career opportunities for Clark Atlanta University students and enhance the scholarship and partnership activity at the institution;

  • To place students into work positions that are more meaningful and congruent with training and career aspirations.

Whether you are a freshman or a senior, career opportunities are available to meet your needs. Corporations are always looking for new achievers who are self-motivated, involved in volunteer activities and willing to accept the challenges that new career opportunities provide.