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TEACH and Have Your Loans Forgiven

School of Education
Rufus E. Clement Hall, 105
Telephone: (404) 880-8505

Over 95% of our graduates in the last 3 years have accepted teaching jobs all across the country. The history and impact made by them and others is immeasurable. To date we have produced more than 400 teachers, 300 principals and assistant principals, 70 superintendents and assistant superintendents. Of course many of our teacher education graduates have gone on to pursue careers in the State Department and several in senior-level management positions at post-secondary institutions. Some have even been recognized as Teacher of the Year in their respective schools and districts.

In several cases our star graduates have been compelled to acquire student loans to complete their education. Some have participated in government loan forgiveness programs. These programs will offer to pay your loans if you teach in certain schools for a specified time period. For more information on these programs please click here