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African American Studies, Africana Women’s Studies

 Department of African American Studies, Africana Women’s Studies, and History
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Welcome to the Department of African American Studies, Africana Women’s Studies, and History (AWH).   We are one unique department that offers degrees in three specific areas. Each degree program area is designed for individuals interested in gaining comprehensive knowledge in African American, American or African diasporic studies. As a student at Clark Atlanta University you are, by definition, a person with a heightened awareness of heritage.Future professional success,heritage, the search for intellectual excellence,the AWH Department offers it all. Discover your time and place. Build your future upon the solid foundations of the past.

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When the merger in 1988 of Atlanta University and Clark College created Clark Atlanta University, the new combined Departments inherited a uniquely prestigious legacy of both institutions of higher learning. In 2012,three departments were combined into one. The result of the institutional and internal combinations is a departmental emphasis on the twin foci of applicable scholarly inquiry and development of future scholars. Like Clark College, the AWH Department seeks to provide higher education that is accessible and conducive to student success in life. Like Atlanta University, we work to provide an academic experience of the highest quality and one consistent with the tradition of scholarship created by such world class intellectuals as W. E.B. Du Bois.

We welcome scholars of all levels to join us in continuing the departmental and institutional legacy.

W. E. B. Du Bois Legacy Project


History Degree

The History degree program serves as a center for historical study, providing a core base of knowledge of past events and fostering an atmosphere to examine the significance of those events on the human experience. With a commitment to academic excellence, the department offers undergraduate and graduate level courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree, Master of Arts degree and the Doctor of Arts in Humanities degree. To train historians and to enhance the historical knowledge of students in other disciplines, the department stresses the development of analytical skills and critical judgment.Curriculum emphasis is placed on acquiring scholarly research and writing skills along with an understanding of global issues, diverse cultures, and our shared humanity. As an extension of the classroom instruction, students are encouraged to engage in practical applications of learning through service learning projects,internships, and study abroad opportunities.

African American Studies Degree

The African and African American Studies Program was established in its present form in the late 1960s. The Program is designed for students with professional interest in a comprehensive understanding of African American or African culture needed for work in their target community, and to equip educators with a knowledge of and a sensitivity to the teaching of African and African American cultures. The Program provides focus as well as breadth through the interdisciplinary area studies approach. Because of the long tradition of African and African American studies at the University, pertinent courses are offered in many departments, particularly English, Foreign Language, History,Political Science, and Sociology.

Africana Women's Studies Degree

Founded in 1982, the Africana Women's Studies is the only degree-granting women's studies program located in an historically black college in the United States,the only women's studies program in the United States which offers the doctoral degree in Africana women's Studies and the only Africana women's studies program in the world. AWS provides opportunities for the systematic analysis of the convergence of gender, class and racial bias. It also focuses on the comparative examination of the contributions,problems, strategies and concerns of Africana women. Analytical approaches that rigorously compare and contrast the lives of all women by class, age and color without regard to their geographic location are strongly encouraged AWS is cross-cultural, national,international and interdisciplinary in its focus.Similar to many nontraditional, interdisciplinary programs and departments, AWS has a small,stable core faculty with faculty associates from traditional departments.

AWS, Volume 1: Course Syllabi

AWS, Volume 2: Course Bibliographies

AWS, Volume 3: Cross-Cultural bibliographies

AWS, Volume 4: Africana Women's Studies in the United States