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Public Safety

Welcome to the Clark Atlanta University Department of Public Safety Website. The Clark Atlanta University Police Department (CAUPD) is a certified law enforcement agency dedicated to safeguarding the life, liberty and security of the students, faculty, staff and constitutes who enter and inhabit the campus to pursue University business.

The CAUPD accomplishes this public safety mission by diligently embracing the student-centered approach to policing to reduce criminal incidents and fear of crime. We strive to enhance public safety while working with our diverse community to improve our on-campus quality of life. It is our sincere desire to perform our law enforcement functions and the day to day business of policing with respect, professionalism and excellence while at all times conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence.

CAUPD is a collaborative interactive police agency dedicated to the concepts of campus community involvement and community service. The Department deploys law enforcement strategies and techniques in a manner which incorporates feedback from our stakeholders who have a vested interest in ensuring the University adheres to and satisfies the overall University strategic objectives, thereby promoting growth and the free exchange of ideas and opportunities for success. The Department of Public Safety is a modern, progressive agency offering the highest quality of innovative crime prevention strategies and community services for our constituents.

CAUPD strives to maintain an effective and responsive relationship with the community we serve. To accomplish this goal, the organizational structure is designed into a three (3)-watch, eight (8)-hour patrol shift schedule deploying resources 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week, including holidays, encompassing investigative and detective services. Officers conduct directed patrols, respond to crimes in progress, mitigate disputes and disruptions, conduct residential facility town hall meetings and safety training classes, maintain and direct emergency management functions, provide security for athletic events, and on-campus social activities and provide valuable safety tips to the community.

CAUPD is committed to transparency and notification. The Department carries out this function by apprising the students, faculty and staff of the University’s on-campus crime statistics through the distribution of the annual “Your Right To Know” Campus Safety Report. Statistical data is also available on the Clery Act Internal Policy website. CAUPD believes knowledge is power and with that power comes awareness, thereby fostering a campus-wide posture of crime prevention and increased public safety.

CAUPD Headquarters is located at the corner of Lawshe Street and Atlanta Student Movement Blvd. (formerly Fair Street) in the Tanner Turner Building. Stop by and visit. Remember, SAFETY IS EVERYONE’S RESONSIBILITY!


Thomas Y. Trawick, Jr.
Chief of Police / Director of Emergency Management
Clark Atlanta University Police Department