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    Upward Bound Math and Science Program
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Summer Residential Component

The summer residential component of the Upward Bound Math and Science (UBMS) Program is not to be considered your typical "summer camp." It is an educational program designed to provide the students with the opportunity for academic enrichment in a college setting. For six weeks at Clark Atlanta University (CAU), the participants attend a variety of courses that were developed to foster critical thinking, research and experimentation, and the art of presentation. All of the courses are hands-on in nature. The curriculum includes core areas of study such as pre-engineering, medical sciences and environmental studies. The students are also enrolled in a skills-appropriate math course and an electronic media class.

The students' academic enrichment is supplemented with field trips, cultural and social activities, career and academic counseling, and guest speakers and leadership skills development.

During their six-week stay, the students are housed in the CAU residence halls. Staying away from home with new friends from diverse backgrounds helps the students develop a sense of responsibility and togetherness. It also enables the students to learn and understand other cultures, considering the fact that the students and staff come from different cultural backgrounds. Most important, living in the residence halls teaches the students valuable lessons on how to live in a close-knit community that holds high expectations of its members; a community that regards respecting others' self-discipline and continual learning as essential.

The UBMS Program is free for all participants. As a result, transportation for those participating in the summer residential component is either arranged or paid for by the program. In addition to providing free housing, this component provides meals and all the necessary school supplies for the students.