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Study Abroad Liaisons

Office of Global Education/Study Abroad and Student Exchanges
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Telephone: (404) 880-6302
Fax: (404) 880-6306

Study Abroad Liaison List

Identifying your International Education/Study Abroad Program liaison is the first step to studying abroad. The liaisons will be able to discuss course options, help you identify a program that coincides with your major, and answer any questions you may have. Once you have spoken with your departmental liaisons they will then direct you to see the Director of International Education/Study Abroad, Dr. Brown who will help finalize your efforts to study abroad.

African & A. American Studies
Josephine Bradley, Ph.D.
(404) 880-6810

Art & Fashion Design
Dorothy Batey
(404) 880-8345

School of Business
Donald Vest, Ph.D.
(404) 880-8465

Myron Williams, Ph.D.
(404) 880-6856

Computer and Information Science
Roy George, Ph.D.
(404) 880-6945

School of Education
Sean Warner, Ph.D.
(404) 880-8505

Alma Vinyard, Ph.D.
(404) 880-6067

Foreign Language-French
Scott Shinabargar, Ph.D.
(404) 880-6365

Foreign Language- Spanish
Rosalind Arthur, Ph.D.
(404) 880-8456

Charmayne Patterson, Ph.D.
(404) 880-8247

Mass Media Arts
Alice Stephens, Ph.D.
(404) 880-6143

Mathematical Science
Charles B. Pierre, Ph.D.
(404) 880-8195

Sharon Willis, Ph.D.
(404) 880-8212

Political Science
Hashim Gibrill, Ph.D.
(404) 880-8720

Timothy Moore, Ph.D.
(404) 880-6124

Public Administration
Ron Finnell, Ph.D.
(404) 880-6650

Religion & Philosophy
Phillip Dunston, Ph.D.
(404) 880-6043

School of Social Work
Margaret Counts-Spriggs, Ph.D.
(404) 880-8863

Sociology & Criminal Justice
Daniel Offiong, Ph.D.
(404) 880-8370