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Speech Communication and Theater Arts

Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts 
Communication Arts Center 
Robert W. Woodruff Library, Lower Level
Telephone: (404) 880-8304

To participate more fully in the global community and marketplace, students must communicate successfully with people in a variety of settings. As communication skills are directly related to students' personal and professional success, the program seeks to enlighten and prepare students for further (future?) employment by providing a forum for students to engage in a discourse that is intellectually empowering and rich in knowledge. This will serve them well in the new millennium.

Course work for the Speech Communication major includes theoretical and practical application of knowledge to prepare students for careers as communication specialists and managers; as a preparation for law school or political office; in education; for positions in the public and private sectors; and other industries that may require their employees to have excellent writing and oral skills, interpersonal skills, and the ability to understand communication issues. Students also are prepared to pursue graduate and professional studies in communication studies or related fields.

Theatre Arts majors will exhibit proficiency in the production, design and direction of plays, and understand theoretical and philosophical perspectives of theatre. Students in the Theatre Arts major will demonstrate comprehension of theory and methodology by working on theatrical productions and participating in all levels of production (technical, administration, literary, and artistic); view local and national professional theatre productions to increase their understanding of theatre as a collaborative art form; develop working relationships with local and national theatre companies; and interview and discuss internship and career opportunities in performing arts with professionals.

Mission and Goals

The Curriculum in the Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts is designed to educate and train students in the strategies of verbal, nonverbal, and written communication. Both speech communication and theatre arts majors are provided quality instruction in theoretical and practical concepts to aid in the understanding of the communication process.

Students majoring in speech communication complete a liberal arts program that provides a foundation for them to acquire a general knowledge of theoretical concepts and their application in the fields of public address, rhetoric, organizational communication and communication management. In addition, they will master and demonstrate proficiency in the usage of oral and written communication; and understand the usage of interpersonal communication constructs in various contexts and situations.

The Theatre Arts program provides the student with a liberal arts education that leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Majors devote a portion of their theatre studies to an examination of the history of theatre, the role of theatre in society, and the relationship of theatre to other disciplines. All areas of theatre-- acting, movement, technical and literary studies-- are integral parts of the theatre program. Educated in the use of oral and written communication, theatre majors have an appreciation for the theatre as an art form.