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Urban Admininstration

    Department of Public Administration
    Oglethorpe Hall, Room 219

    Telephone: (404) 880-6650

Degree Plan
Urban Administration

First Year

First Semester

PAD 501-Public Administration: Survey of the Field
PAD 502-Organizational Theory and Bureaucratic Behavior
PAD 503-Research Methods

Second Semester
PAD 504-Research Data Analysis
PAD 505/ECO 520-Economics for Public Administrators
PAD 506-Public Budgeting and Finance


PAD 507-Formulation of Public Policy
PAD 512-Internship

Second Year

Third Semester
PAD 508-Human Resources Management
PAD 509-State and Local Government Finance

Fourth Semester
PAD 511-Applied Urban Management
PAD 524-Seminar: Contemporary Problems in Urban Administration

PAD 510-Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
PAD 516-Fundamental of Social Policy
PAD 521-Principles of Community and Economic Development
ECO 510-Urban Economics

Others Electives may be approved in consultation with the student’s advisor.