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Ujamaa Society

    Department of Political Science
    Knowles Hall- 3rd Floor
    (404) 880-8718; Fax: (404) 880-8717

Ujamaa Society

The Ujamaa Society was formed at Atlanta University in 1971 as a body to serve the needs of political science students. After the formation of Clark Atlanta University, the Society's charter was amended allowing a unification of graduate and undergraduate students into a single body. The purpose of the Ujamaa Society is to create and promote friendship, cooperation, and a spirit of communalism and common purpose among and between the students, faculty, and staff of the Department.

Ujamaa Society provides:

    • an administrative apparatus to facilitate input of students and the dissemination of crucial information within the Department;

    • promotes a sense of community among present, past and future Society members; and

    • provides a spiritual sanctuary for African and Third-World liberation.

Ujamaa organizes academic and social functions and is supported by member resources.