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Political Science

    Department of Political Science
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Welcome to the home page of the Department of Political Science. As you move through our web pages, information about our history, commitments, our programs of study, our student body, and faculty and staff will unfold. Additionally, you will be introduced to our departmental publication, Endarch, current faculty research initiatives, our graduate Seminar Series, our Graduate student organization-Ujamaa Society, and our new on-line Social Science Reading Room, PSC-SSRR On-line!

The Department of Political Science is composed of a strong and diverse faculty especially charged with exploring the fundamental questions of political science and topics such as the relationship between politics and economics; politics, human freedom and domination; political participation and political change; and political philosophy, political behavior and development. The Department seeks to carry out its program through a pattern of human relationships that stresses openness, honesty, and a cooperative spirit.

The PSC Curriculum places directed emphasis on the political experience of African Americans in the United States, as well as black communities around the world. It also seeks, nonetheless, to develop a universal understanding of political behavior. The contradictions of the U.S. political and economic systems are critically analyzed, and careful attention is paid to alternative arrangements that portend to produce desirable societal change for members of social systems that have been historic victims of oppression.

You will find that the Department of Political Science has a solid record of teaching, research, and community involvement that has earned our faculty and students an international reputation and critical acclaim. The programs of study we offer lead to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy. If you are planning to visit the Atlanta area in the near future, please be sure to stop by and pay us a visit. We are located on the 3rd Floor of Knowles Hall, 667 Beckwith Street, SW, Atlanta, GA 30314.

We look forward to further contact with you.