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Philosophy on Study Abroad

Study Abroad, as an integral part of the academic infrastructure, provides the student with the opportunity to discover and learn in a nontraditional setting. The classroom format is not totally discarded, but is viewed as a point of departure, a starting point for further investigation of the foreign environment. Language and culture are seen as the conduits through which a student can access and decipher all newly acquired information.

We believe that real education begins with the student’s introduction into the global community, where he/she has the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss differences, in their proper context, in an effort to come to a better understanding of, and have a greater appreciation for, the way of life of other peoples. This type of interaction engenders a new corpus of knowledge which did not previously reside in either of the preexisting cultures, American or the foreign one. This hybrid culture is the new source from which the study abroad student is to drink.

We further believe that given the opportunity to participate in such an endeavor, the Clark Atlanta student will not only be enriched, but will also enrich others with whom he/she will come in contact. Our goal is not assimilation, but cultural awareness, as well as social and intellectual enhancement. We hope that this experience will make the student aware of his responsibility as an enlightened world citizen, and will inspire him/her to take positive action for the betterment of humanity.