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    Department of Mathematical Sciences
    McPheeters-Dennis Hall, Room 138

    Telephone (404) 880-8199


The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers programs of study leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and the Master of Science degree in Mathematics. A degree in mathematics opens many doors in graduate schools, industry, and government.

The undergraduate programs of study in the Department serve several types of students: those who need only the General Education core requirement in the Department; those who require a stronger mathematics background for specialization in the physical or behavioral sciences; those interested in teaching mathematics; those seeking industrial or government employment; those who wish to have the pleasure of attending graduate school. The minimum number of credit hours above the General Education requirements for a degree in Mathematics is 30, of which 18 should be at the junior and/or senior level.

The Department awards the J. J. Dennis Endowed Scholarship to qualified, distinguished junior and senior mathematics majors. The Department also awards a mathematical science department scholarship. Scholarship recipients must maintain grade point averages of at least 3.0 overall and 3.25 in mathematics courses. Applicants for graduate study at the first-year graduate level should have a background in mathematics that includes a course in an introduction to modern algebra, at least one course in introductory real analysis beyond calculus, and at least one in introductory complex analysis. Students without such background may be admitted, but they are required to take appropriate courses to remove deficiencies.