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Department of Mathematical Sciences
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Bassam Abdullatif , MS, Northeastern University, Boston, MA (Mathematics), MS, 1981 University of South Carolina (Statistics), 1984, Director of Math Resource Center.

Fisseha Abebe, Ph.D., University of Toronto (Statistics), 1994, Associate Professor.
Research Interests: Likelihood asymptotic theory. Statistics Modeling, Qualitative Analysis, Bioinformatics.
Selected Publications: Abebe, Cakmak, Cheah, Fraser, Kuhn and Reid (1995), "Third Order Asymptotic Model : Exponential and Location Type Approximations. Parisankhyan Samikkha 2, pp. 25-35. Abebe, Fraser and Reid (1996), Nonlinear Regression: Third Order Significance. Utilitas Mathematics 9, pp.3-19. Bigby, Seffens and Abebe (2002). Runs of amino acids are longer than expected in proteins based on a graph theory representation of a genetic code, " Journal of Biological Systems, Vol 10. Mp. 4 pp. 319-335.

Gary Chung, Ph.D., Purdue University (Mathematics), 1980 Associate Professor.
Research Interests: Numerical analysis, control and signal processing.
Selected Publications: "Control of a Linear Hereditary System. Neural Parallel and Scientific Computations," I (1995), 106-109. "Minimum Time Null Controllability of Duffing Oscillator," Proceedings of Dynamic Systems and Applications, I (1994), 73-80. "Optimality Conditions for Functional Differential Control Systems," Proceedings of Dynamic Systems and Applications, I (1994), 81-85. "A Neural Network Approach for Solving Certain Control Problems, Neural Parallel & Scientific Computations," I (1993), 371-380. "The Hardy-Littlewood Maximal Operator on Weighted Lorentz Spaces," Proceedings National Science Council R.O.C. 7 (1983) No. 3, 283-287. "The Hardy-Littlewood Maximal Function on L (p,q) Spaces with Weights," Indiana University Math J, 31 (1982) No. 1, 109-120, MR 83b; 42021.

Bettye M. Clark, Ed.D., Mathematics Education, University of Houston, 1976, MS, Mathematics Education, and Instructional Supervision (IS), University of Georgia, 1971; Postdoctoral Studies: Educational Management, University of Houston, 1982-1984, Professor.
Positions Held: Chair of Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Director of Mathematics Resource and Technology Center (MRTC), Associate Provost and Executive Director of Distance Learning, Coordinator of Undergraduate Program in Mathematics.
Research Interest: Intuitive Geometry, Mathematical Preparation of Teachers, Technology Infusion into Mathematics Courses, Increasing Minority Participation in Mathematics and Mathematics Education, Student Achievement in Traditional Versus e-Learning Courses in Mathematics.
Selected Publications: Clark, B., Smith, B., Practice for the Basic Skills Examination, Contemporary Publishing, 1980, Clark, B., & Creswell, J., Ratings of Teacher Nonverbal Behavior as Predicted by the Presence of the Nonverbal Cues Identified by Participants and Nonparticipants, Journal of Classroom Interaction, 31-35, 1980, Clark B., Smith, B., Practice for the Basic Skills Examination, 2nd Edition, Contemporary Publishing Co., 1982, Clark, Bettye M., Committee on the Mathematical Education of Teachers, UME Trends, 1994, Clark, Bettye M., Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (Working Group Member), 1990, Clark, Bettye M., Paradigm Shift on the Mathematical Education of Teachers, Focus: Mathematics Association of America,1995.
Grants: Pre-college Programs in Math and Science (FIPSE), Future Teachers of Math and Science (FTMS, NSF), The Georgia Initiative in Math and Science (NSF), Statewide Conference for Teachers of Minorities in Math and Science (Eisenhower Program, NSF), Eminent Scholar in Distance Learning and Distance Learning Center (GRA), BS/MST in Mathematics for Middle Grades and Secondary Certification (NSF), Clinical Experience for Math Teachers in Selected Local Educational Agencies (LEAs), Faculty Fellows Program in Technology (UNCF), Distance Learning Program Development (Lilly Foundation), Atlanta Center for Teachers (ACT), Exxon and General Mills, Faculty Advancement Program in Technology (UNCF).

Alexander H. Fluellen
, Ph.D., Indiana University (Education), 1975, Professor.
Research Interests: Operations research; mathematics education; real analysis.

Temesgen Kebede, Ph.D., University of California, Irvine (Mathematical/ Theoretical Physics), 1991, Assistant Professor.
Research Interests: Mathematical and theoretical physics; dynamical systems.
Selected Publications: T. Kebede, "Josephson Junction as a Dynamical System," Boeing Office of Research and Development Technical Report, 1998. T. Kebede, "Calculation and Simultation of Charged Particle Motion in an EM Field: Interdisciplinary Applications." Mathematical Association of America, David C. Arney (ed.), in press. To be submitted: "Linearized Wheler-DeWitt equations with fermions (General Relativity and Gravitation).

Charles B. Pierre, Ph.D., American University (Mathematics Education/ Mathematics) 1992, Associate Professor.
Research Interests: Solvable groups, lattice theory, statistics, statistical quality control, history of mathematics, mathematics education, fractal geometry, chaotic dynamical systems, antenna theory, the cantor set-properties applications, the hilbert fractal set and other fractal sets and Clark Atlanta University 's project for accreditation (ongoing).
Selected Publications: "Pierre, C.B.," Assessing and Improving the Overall Performance of a University Classroom Using Statistical Process Control (SPC): A Quality Management System for Teacher Improvement," Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Assessing Quality in Higher Education (AQHE), RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, June, 2000. Charles B. Pierre, "Widening Your Horizons: A Teacher's Resource Manual for Teachers of Grades K-8," The Atlanta Systemic Initiative (ASI), National Science Foundation, Atlanta Public Schools, Atlanta, Georgia, 1999. Pierre, C. B., "Improving Academic Processes in Higher Education," International Journal of Innovative Higher Education, Vol. 13, November 1996. Pierre, C. B., "Applications of TQM and SPC," International Journal of Innovative Higher Education, Vol. 12, The International Council in Higher Education,1995. Pierre, C. B., and Mathis, D., "Statistical Process Control and Cooperative Learning Structures: A Data Assessment and Improvement System Used in a San Jose State University Summer Bridge Programme," European Journal of Engineering Education, Vol. 20(3).

Sandra Rucker, Ph.D., Georgia State University (Mathematics Education), 1997, Associate Professor.
Research Interests: Differential equations and mathematics education.

Man Sharma, Ph.D., Ohio University (Mathematics and Computer Science Education), 1980, Professor.
Research Interests: Mathematics education and computer applications software.