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    Department of Mathematical Sciences
    McPheeters-Dennis Hall, Room 138

    Telephone (404) 880-8199

Departmental Mission

The Department of Mathematical Sciences has as its central mission unlocking the door to mathematical excellence and fulfillment for all students, especially African, Native and Hispanic American.

The major function of the Department is providing mathematics instruction to all students in the University and in sufficient quantity, so that they can perform knowledgeably and intelligently in their chosen areas/fields of study, and to pursue higher studies. In addition, the Department prepares its own majors for the world of work and to pursue higher studies.

The Goals of the Department are:

To inspire all students to reach high levels of achievement in mathematics.

To infuse into the mathematics curriculum an appreciation of the mathematics contributions made by different societies, worldwide, past and present.

To instill in each student the confidence that he/she can reach high achievement in mathematics, if the student has the desire, believes he/she can, and puts forth the necessary effort.

To develop in each student the ability to understand the meaning and purpose of a mathematical proof, to learn how to learn mathematics, to read mathematics textbooks and literature with understanding and pleasure, to study and work independently and in groups.

To prepare each mathematics major for a career as a mathematician in a non-profit agency, business, government, industry, as a mathematics teacher in elementary or secondary school, or in a two-year or four-year college; and for entering a doctoral program in mathematics.

To provide the necessary mathematical foundations for the study and learning of the mathematics-based sciences.