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    Department of Mass Media Arts
    Woodruff Library Lower Level

    Phone: (404) 880-8304

Program Opportunities

The Department of Mass Media Arts reviews trends in the media industries and recognizes students need to have a competitive edge in the use and understanding of media technology. To accomplish this, training laboratories provide students with the opportunity to enhance their abilities in their academic course work and assist in practical, hands-on experiences.

They include:

Lambda Pi Eta, Theta Tau Chapter - the honor society for communication majors;

Society of Professional Journalists - the oldest, largest and most representative organization serving the field of journalism;

National Association of Black Journalists - acknowledges the    achievements and defines the role of African-Americans in media; the CAU Chapter was recognized as "Best Student Chapter 1999-2000";

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) - helps students cultivate public relations techniques for businesses and organizations;   

CAU Panther Newspaper - a biweekly campus newspaper, provides students an opportunity to develop editorial, advertising, graphics, photography and managerial skills in print journalism;

Drop Frame Productions - the official student television production      organization of the Mass Media Arts Department. Student members       gain wealth of studio and field production experience through    membership in Drop Frame. Drop Frame productions are aired on CAU-TV;

4 Reel Productions - a student-based organization that focuses on the   development and creation of film projects (including public service announcements, shorts and features);

WCLK-FM - a twenty-four hour, daily NPR member station licensed by    Clark Atlanta University presenting jazz, blues, gospel, Latin and    reggae and offering students opportunities to receive hands-on    training in radio production;

CAU-TV - an educational access television station that provides a    variety of informative programming thereby serving the Atlanta    community as an educational and community resource. While providing programming that informs and educates, CAU-TV serves as a hands-on training laboratory for broadcast majors in the Atlanta University Center and an outlet for student video, film and multimedia productions;

Internships - academically monitored learning experiences in   professional media organizations. Internship partners have included    CNN, Atlanta Constitution, WSB-TV, Ketchem Public Relations, La Face Records and many other media/music outlets;

African Film Festival - celebrates excellence in the richness and    diversity of African World Cinema, showcasing stories about the    multifaceted, global experience of African and African-descended people told through the eyes of Screen Griots;

WSTU - serves as a radio outlet for student broadcasters and presents a hands-on training opportunity to apply communication concepts and practices;

Mass Media Arts Club - open to all students interested in the field of    communications. In addition to keeping members abreast of    internships/job opportunities and scheduling regular seminars with    speakers who are working in the field, the group spearheads    workshops on various aspects of communications, such as how to    prepare resumes and how to operate computer software. It also holds a leadership seminar every year;

CAU-TV Student News Center - this student-produced program brings    you news and information from campuses across the City and also    features stories making national and international headlines;

Digital Teleproductions Laboratory (Multimedia Lab) - ensures the    provision of state-of-the-art training facilities to media students and   serves to strengthen the communications arts curricula only; and,

CAMP M.O.VE. - A collaborative effort Fulton County Parks and    Recreation and CAU-TV that presents high school students with    experiences that will allow them to be creative and use critical communications skills.

Program Organizations

  • Lambda Pi Eta Communication Honor Society
    Dr. Alice E. Stephens
    and Pro. Carol C. Mitchell-Leon, Advisors
    Room G-31 or G-76
    (404) 880-6132 or (404) 880-8297
    E-mail: or

  • WSTU-Radio (Student Operated)
    Prof. Andrew Will
    , Advisor
    Room G-32
    (404) 880-6233

  • CAU-TV News Break (Student Operated)
    Ms. Murdell McFarlin, Advisor
    Room G-12-C
    (404) 880-8904

  • Panther Newspaper
    Prof. Shawn Evans-Mitchell
    , Advisor
    Room G-32
    (404) 880-6248

  • Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)
    Prof. Brenda J. Wright
    , Advisor
    Rooms G-15
    (404) 880-8957

  • 4-Reel Productions (Film)
    Prof. J.W. Lewis
    and Ms. Deidre McDonald, Advisors
    Rooms G-9 or G-78
    (404) 880-8903/(404)880-6217

  • Drop Frame Productions
    Dr. Herbert Eichelberger
    , Advisor
    (404) 880-8294

  • Digital Production Lab (Multimedia Lab)
    Mr. Tim Latners
    , Operations Manager
    Room G-18
    (404) 880-6141

  • Internships, Scholarships, Graduate Programs
    Prof. Deidre McDonald
    , Director
    Room G-72
    (404) 880-6217

  • Jamaica Study Abroad Program
    Communication Arts Journal
    National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)
    Prof. James McJunkins, Sr.
    , Advisor
    Room G-11
    (404) 880-8309

  • The CAU Players (Theatre)
    Prof. Carol Mitchell-Leon
    , Director
    Room G-14
    (404) 880-8297

  • Forensics Society
    Niaz Kahn
    , Advisor
    Room G-35
    (404) 880-8295

  • Mass Media Arts Club
    Prof. James McJunkins, Sr.
    , Advisor
    Room G-11
    (404) 880-8309