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The Doctor of Arts in Humanities (DAH) Program is an interdisciplinary terminal degree program. The Program works together with the Departments of African-American Studies and Africana Women's Studies, English, History, and Foreign Languages to prepare teachers, scholars and researchers for future careers in college teaching, positions as researchers, and other employment opportunities where the concern for humanity is paramount. Candidates for the Doctor of Arts in Humanities degree must complete a minimum of forty-eight (48) semester hours beyond a master's degree in an appropriate discipline. The Program consists of course work, two teaching internship requirements, research and a doctoral dissertation. The areas of concentration are African-American Studies, Africana Women's Studies, English, History, and Romance Languages. The general requirements for the degree are quite demanding, requiring students to invest a great number of hours for study and research for their academic success. The Doctor of Arts in Humanities Program is dedicated to promoting the core values of the University: student-centeredness, pursuit of excellence, innovation and discovery, integrity, social responsibility, and respect. We expect these values to guide the behavior of our students and their expectations from the faculty. Many opportunities exit through our “leadership for service” initiative for our students to contribute to the Program’s curricular and non-curricular activities. Among such contributions are organizing conferences and the DAH Lecture Series, publishing newsletters, and conducting research for grants. Beginning fall 2012, the degree of Doctor of Arts in Humanities will be replaced with the Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities. The requirements of the new degree will be published in future University graduate catalogues.


The mission of the Doctor of Arts in Humanities Program is to prepare doctoral students through an interdisciplinary program to serve as humanistic scholars, researchers and educators with a focus on leadership and service to humanity.