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First Year Seminar

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First Year Seminar

CGED 100, First Year Seminar I
CGED 101, First Year Seminar II

CGED 100/101 – The First Year Student Seminar is a two-semester requirement for first year students and transfer students with twenty-eight (28) or fewer credit hours. The Seminar is provided to assist students in making the transition to successful post-secondary study and to obtain the necessary academic and personal reinforcements to meet the myriad demands of University life and to persist to graduation. (1 credit hour each semester).

The purpose of the course is to assist students with the transition to the University. This course serves an essential role in advising students concerning course selection. It also focuses on academic, personal and social issues relevant to college life.

Common content areas are covered in all sections of First Year Seminar, while allowing for flexibility in serving majors. The Seminar is required for graduation and must be completed with a passing grade. Assignment to a course section is usually made on the basis of the students intended major. Course instruction is generally provided by an instructor from the major area or division. The course meets once per week for a one-hour and fifteen-minute session.

General University-Wide topics include the following:

Personal Transition to the University
Setting and Achieving Personal Goals
Academic Transition, Time Management, Study Skills and Preparing for Examinations
Navigating the University-Policy and Procedures
Campus Resources
Service Learning
Career Exploration and Planning


Dr. Cynthia Auzenne Clem
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Fax: (404) 880-8982