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    Dual Degree Engineering Program
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Course Descriptions

CEGR 101: Introduction to Engineering
3 Semester-Hours
Introduction to the engineering profession and various branches of engineering utilizing audio-visual material, lectures by visiting professionals and trips to plants and factories, emphasis on professionalism and ethics, engineering solutions, representation of technical information, engineering estimations and approximations, dimensions, units and conversions with introduction to statistics, mechanics, electrical theory and engineering economics.

Prerequisite: CMAT 105.

CEGR 110: Engineering Graphics
3 Semester-Hours
Introduction to engineering computer graphics and visual communication including freehand sketching, engineering design processes, 2D/3D and solid CAD models, development and interpretation of drawings, projection standards and specifications for product realization.

Prerequisite: CMAT 105.

CEGR 201: Electrical Circuit Analysis
4 Semester-Hours
This course is designed to enable students to analyze basic circuits and to understand more advanced circuits that have circuit elements such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, voltage and current sources (using Kirchhoff’s laws, mesh and nodal analysis, network theorems to DC and AC circuits and also by computer simulation using PSPICE software).
Prerequisites: CMAT 112, CPHY 122.

CEGR 211: Engineering Statics
3 Semester-Hours
Study of the elements of statics in two and three dimensions using vector algebra, laws of equilibrium applied to particles, rigid bodies and structures, friction, centroids.

Prerequisites: CMAT 112, CPHY 121

CEGR 311: Engineering Dynamics
3 Semester-Hours
Kinematics of rectilinear and curvilinear motion of particles, kinematics of rigid bodies in plane motion, kinetics (work and energy relations, impulse and momentum principles) of particles, systems of particles, and rigid bodies in plane motion.

Prerequisite: CEGR 211.

CEGR 102: Introduction to Engineering Design
2 Semester-Hours
Introduction to engineering design process and design concepts; applications to design problems in the various branches of engineering; practical design assignments.

Prerequisite: CMAT 105.

CEGR 314: Matlab / Labview for Engineers
3 Semester-Hours
Application of MathLab/Labview techniques to various engineering problems including numerical methods for solving nonlinear problems.

Prerequisites: CMAT 112, 212.