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Purposeful Learning Activities

Purposeful learning activities include the following:

  • to present critical skills of communication through writing that is correct, substantive, and effective

  • to participate effectively in situations that require informed oral conversations

  • to explore the historical, literary, and philosophical antecedents of twentieth-century cultures, and to explore aspects of the culture and heritage of African Americans and other groups

  • to read, analyze, and interpret selected world masterpieces in literature

  • to understand and utilize quantitative data

  • to show proficiency in basic computing and show ability to access information in a variety of formats

  • to have some experience in another language and to understand the cultural, political, and social aspects of that culture

  • to study the roles that institutions, groups, and individuals play in society to participate in debates/discussions about contemporary issues of science, ethics, politics, international relations, and other issues.

  • to utilize an effective research process, interpret findings, and communicate results to varied audiences

  • to participate in activities that promote thinking through value-laden issues, discussing them intelligently, and developing reasoned judgments about alternatives

  • to study a variety of artistic expressions and achievements across time that have allowed individuals and cultures to express themselves and to participate in activities that show understanding of volunteerism and appreciation for service to community.

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