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Center for Leadership Academic and Student Success

Center for Leadership, Academic and Student Success
Harkness Hall Room 211
Phone: (404) 880-8184 or 8767 / Fax: (404) 880-8982

Welcome to an Undergraduate Experience with CLASS!


The Center for Leadership, Academic and Student Success (CLASS) was put in place to support the University’s strategic mission “to prepare a diverse community of learners to excel in their chosen endeavors and to become responsible, productive, and innovative citizen leaders, locally and globally.” Several departments and programs including the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Global Leadership Academy, Honors Program, International Education and Study Abroad, Cooperative Education / Leadership and Professional Development, and Career Planning and Placement Center, were brought together to form a cohesive unit that facilitates the academic success, retention, and holistic development of students from recruitment to graduation.
CLASS is comprised of four (4) principal units: Academic Success and Enrichment; University Honors Program; Global Leadership Academy; and Community Outreach through TRiO Programs. Our students will be the beneficiaries of the synergy that comes from this comprehensive and coordinated support of the academic experience.


Cynthia Clem, Ed.D.
Executive Director
Center for Leadership, Academic and Student Success
Harkness Hall Room 211
(404) 880-8184

Susan Gibson
Director, Academic
Enrichment and Success
Haven-Warren Room 214
(404) 880-8196

Bruce Strickland
Director, Global Leadership Academy & University Center
Sage-Bacote Room 204
(404) 880-6725

Christopher Ba
ss, Ph.D.
Director, Honors Program
Trailer #14
(404) 880-6100

Phyllis Wyatt-Watson
Director, TRiO Programs
Trevor Arnett Hall 3rd Floor
(404) 880-8263