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Art Galleries
Trevor Arnett Hall, 2nd Level
(404) 880-6102/6644 - (404) 880-6968 (fax)
Tuesday - Friday, 11:00am - 4:00pm

Study Guide
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1. What is the purpose or the function of Clark Atlanta University Art Galleries (CAUAG)?
The purpose of the CAUAG is to collect, preserve, study and exhibit fine art works that document African American history and culture.

2. How are artifacts preserved?
A. By handling works with white cotton gloves
B. By providing stable, moderate relative humidity and temperature in environment.
C. By minimizing the effects of light
D. By minimizing pest activity
E. By minimizing the effects of air pollution

3. What information can you learn from an identification label?
A. Name of the artist and his/her life dates.
B. Year art was created
C. Title of the work
D. Medium
E. The manner in which the artwork became part of the permanent collection

4. What do we mean by art form/discipline and medium?
Art disciplines are parallel to musical instruments. Some artists like to paint, while others prefer printmaking, sculpting, photography, drawing or assemblage. The medium/materials they use to create these works vary considerably. Under the discipline of painting, there are oils, watercolor, tempera, acrylic and gouache. With printmaking, the methods include woodcuts, silkscreen, monoprints, lithographs and etching. Drawing: pastel, charcoal, color pencil, craypas, markers and pencil. Sculplture: stone, metal, wood, ceramic, glass and synthetic materials like plastics. Assemblage: found-objects and created materials.

5. List 4 disciplines and at least 5 mediums that are currently on display?

6. What is the difference between realism and abstraction? Give examples from current works.

Realism: Generally, a rendering of natural forms that is not embellished. The object appears to the eye as it does in nature.

Abstraction: Refers to images that have been considerably altered or simplified to their basic geometric or biomorphic forms.

7. Who is your favorite artist in the collection? Why?

8. Name the person who started the Atlanta University Annual Art Exhibitions the occurred between 1942-1970.
Hale Woodruff (1900-1980)

9. What do you call the six large paintings in the atrium of the Galleries?
Art of the Negro mural series, by Hale Woodruff.