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Department of Art
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CART 101: Art Foundations I. 3 credits
Studio problems in basic design explore the elements and principles of applied design theory.

CART 102: Art Foundations II. 3 credits
Studio problems that cover the properties and effects of light and color. Exploration of basic color organizations and principles.

CART 150: Art Appreciation. 3 credits
Designed to provide students understanding and appreciation of the art forms in the world. Lectures, discussions and visual aids are utilized to survey the painting, sculpture, architecture and other forms of art from different cultures.

CART 201: Drawing I. 3 credits
Introduction to perceptual drawing skills. Focus is on the translation of three dimensional
forms to a two-dimensional surface.

CART 202: Drawing II. 3 credits
Continuation of CART 201. Emphasizes perceptual drawing skills. Students are also introduced to a variety of materials. Prerequisite: CART 201.

CART 215: Typography and Layout. 3 credits
Introduction to the study of letterforms, including a study of type faces and letter spacing composition and their application to the design of visual communication materials. Prerequisites: CART 101 and CART 102 or permission of instructor.

CART 217: Printmaking I. 3 credits
Introduction to hand printmaking. Stresses creativity, experimentation, and development of skill and craftsmanship in printing procedures. Prerequisite: CART 101, 02, 201 or permission of instructor.

CART 275: Photography I. 3 credits
Basic photography skills for students with little prior knowledge of photography. Students are introduced to the basics of camera handling and image composition. One requirement of the course is a camera with a manually adjustable shutter speed control and aperture dial.

CART 277: Computer Imaging Basics 3 credits
Introduction to various software programs including adobe illustratior, adobe photoshop and scanning techniques.

CART 315: Illustration I. 3 credits
Basic illustration conceptualization. Develops students’ professional illustration techniques and processes. Prerequisites: CART 201 and CART 202 or permission of instructor.

CART 317: Printmaking II. 3 credits
Continuation of CART 217. Students introduced to intermediate printmaking concepts. Prerequisites: CART 101, 102, 201, and 217.

CART 320: Typography and Layout II. 3 credits
Continuation of CART 215. Assignments incorporate the use of type in applied materials, such as magazine layouts, book jackets, and record covers. Prerequisite: CART 215 or permission of instructor.

CART 321: Graphic Design I. 3 credits
Investigation of applied problems in visual communication. Study of design principles, production methods, and presentation. Prerequisite: CART 101, 102, 215 or permission of instructor.

CART 351: Basic Rendering Techniques. 3 credits
Instruction in rendering medical illustrations through the use of a variety of media.

CART 375: Photography II. 3 credits
Continuation of CART 275. Students are required to form a personal vision through directed assignments. Prerequisite: CART 275 or permission of instructor.

CART 379: Computer Graphics. 3 credits
Covers basic computer graphics imaging utilizing graphics software for visual communication. Prerequisite: CART 101, 102, 201, or permission of instructor.

CART 381: Three-Dimensional Design. 3 credits
Materials, methodology, principles of design, and basic concepts applicable to the execution of projects dealing with three-dimensional form.

CART 413: African Fabric Design. 3 credits
Focuses on analysis of African fabric designs in terms of their patterns and social functions. Emphasis is on the appropriate use of African fabric design for fashion and commercial art design.

CART 444: Seminar In Twentieth-Century Art. 3 credits
Investigates topics pertinent to the studio artist. Focus is on the impact of recent art history on the work of contemporary artists.

CART 464: Desktop Publishing. 3 credits
Introduces the student to the use of desktop publishing software. Prerequisite: CART 215 and CART 321 or permission of instructor.

CART 448 through 479: Directed Studies. variable credits
Research and advanced production techniques in a field of the student’s special interest. Directed studies taken after completion of the course sequence available in the field of interest. Students may register for directed studies under the following course titles and numbers:

CART 451 Illustration
CART 452 Typography and Layout
CART 453 Printmaking (Silkscreen)
CART 456 Photography
CART 457 Printmaking (Intaglio)
CART 460 Printmaking (Lithography)
CART 461 Three-Dimensional Design
CART 462 Graphic Design
CART 466 Rendering Techniques
CART 479 Computer Graphics

CART 488: Internship. 3 credits
On-the-job training in the work world. Students can qualify for an internship after the freshman year. Prerequisite: permission of department chairperson.

CART 492: Portfolio. 3 credits
Capstone course for senior art majors. Includes preparation for portfolio presentation, job searches, interview techniques, oral presentations and organizing exhibitions. Prerequisite: permission of department chairperson.